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When my sister and her husband lived in Uganda, I decided to pay them a visit. The traffic, pot holed roads and crazy driving is something a mzungu will take a while to get used to but the people are friendly and the fruit is fantastic. I accompanied my sister to the grocery store and when she asked the shop attendant for some passion, I nearly died of embarrassment. I found out that passion is what we call passion fruit in SA and you get short fingers or long fingers (bananas), peanuts, king pineapples, avo etc.

Bujagali Falls Uganda

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Bujagali Falls Uganda 0.480323, 33.157021


My sister who is 10 years older than me insisted that I go white water rafting which she has done nearly 10 times before. This Grade 5 rafting starts at Bujagali Falls in Jinga which is at the mouth of the Nile. I remember the girl who sat behind me on our boat asking me if I was scared and I said “No, not at all”. Famous last words, it was the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. At one stage I was deep under the water and I felt like I needed to breath NOW, as I surfaced a large wave washing machined me under again and I actually thought that I was going to drown.

But the worst moment was still to come, our raft got stuck on a rock with a sheer drop of about 5 meters below us. The girl in front of me started to cry and miraculously our guide managed to tip the boat off the rock, I have a photo and DVD as evidence…

Elize Sewell


Elize Sewell

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